Wednesday, 12 March 2014

With U in Mind leaps into Christmas Mayhem

Welcome to my new blog.

Yes, new!

Didn't you know? With U in Mind was my other blog. The one that hasn't seen the light of day in two years. In that light I guess I don't have the right to call it a blog any more. However, this one is. Excellent. Part way there.

But I have a renewed vigour for the written word and wanted to share it with you all! My apologises on that.

I wanted to dedicate this blog to my favourite time of the year. Clues in the title if you haven't worked out what that is by the way ;)

I will be linking up to my Facebook page where I shall bore most (and hopefully entertain a few) with my ramblings as I prep for Christmas in house, heart and sales. I would love for you join in my excitement as we countdown the days and stress out about the run up to the big day.

Oh and I may also link up to With U in Mind now and again ;) because I can!


All items are available for sale on my Facebook Page or by emailing me

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